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Chat Support is a form of synchronous messaging (where the customer and the agent must both be present at the same time to engage in a conversation). Convosio allows you to engage with your site visitors or clients while offering live chat support. Website visitor tracking allows you to see a real-time list of all the visitors currently on your website. It helps summarize all visitors information , about their browser, chatting, country, and actions

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How do we do work customization in CONVOSIO?

To have a better and faster communication approach with consumers, you can categorize and personalize your work through:

Visitors can be added to the banned visitor list directly from chat or web. You can view, search, and add users to the banned visitors list. Banning prevents visitors from using or see your chat.

You can add additional users: admin, agent to help you manage, create, edit from different departments, or remove users you no longer want managing or editing your site.

Roles are a useful way of allowing and controlling who can access your site.

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You can add agent on the site, the agents will be responsible for the management of the construction site in order to achieve required project delivery to the customers' objectives.

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Why CONVOSIO chat bot is important?

Build a chatbot with zero coding, chatbot are way more than simple conversational agents, be able to use chatbot to surface answers quickly and easily, and provide personalized resolution to your customer in multiple languages, without live-agent intervention. Configure your bot to start a conversation automatically, chatbot created with power virtual agents. Chatbot welcome message is the first response that bot sends to the user. To the visitor, it appears as if a live agent is proactively messaging them or when chatbot interaction has ended.
Give visibility and control over human, create and custom bot with advanced flows: auto-message, auto-email, and questions. An embed code provides a short code for users to copy and paste into a website, nothing will work until you do this step.

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How secure is CONVOSIO?

Live chat connects website visitors to agents in real-time so customers can receive fast and efficient support. But while its popularity and effectiveness have soared in recent years, some worry about the security of live chat .Encrypted instant messaging ensures privacy and security. Encrypted messaging in the Convosio chat support provides end-to-end encryption for user-to-user text messaging. Encrypted messaging prevents anyone from monitoring your text conversations. Customer payment information is encrypted and kept stored in secure servers, where it cannot be re-accessed.

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