Sales Engagement With Your Web Visitors

Do you know your potential customers? Are you even talking to your customers? Communication is the basis of every relationship, how can you possibly succeed as an eCommerce business without using a live chat system to make customer conversions? Statistics prove that live chat not only increases the likelihood of a sale but also increases the amount customers are willing to spend. Let’s get into it:

These days, eCommerce sites not only can track their customers with cookies, but they can also engage them live with chat box and bot on their website! Think about a physical retail store, your sales rep welcomes a customer walking through the front door. The same procedure happens on websites. The admin of the website can see their visitors, even some extra information about them, and then, voila engages them with "Hello, my name is Nicole, I see you browsing our products, are there any thoughts I may address?" The faster your website loads, and the faster you respond to customer inquiries or questions the higher likelihood that a sale will be made. According to a study, "live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate."

Customers want to feel like they can trust your business, they might also need a little nudge to make the sale. Communication helps customers connect with their feelings.  Feelings are important because anytime someone buys your product or service, it’s an impulsive purchase (impulses are feelings). Your sales team needs to address customer thoughts so that a sale can be made. One could say, the customer wants to be sold. Customers also overwhelmingly prefer to communicate via live chat! You don’t even need a real human support team to operate the chat, live chat systems like Convosio offer chatbot features. With a chatbot, the admin can pre-program the bot with at least the FAQ page and any other response to questions the customer is likely to ask.

Pro sales tip for all existing users of Convosio, remind your website visitors that now is a really busy time of year, inventories are low because of how popular your product or service is, in addition, prices are going up in December. This will spark fear of missing out (FOMO) and generate more sales. Do not worry about running out of product too soon, that can always be resolved when/if the problem arises.

If your business does not use a live chat system yet, start doing so, and start experiencing the opportunity of engaging with customers.


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