Live Chat Growing In Popularity

Live Chat is becoming so popular that now even Reddit is testing the platform. The company is dominant in offering online forums and believes it’s offering even more value to its readers and writers by enabling them to reply instantly. There’s a lot of truth to this since live chat does encourage individuals to communicate, moreover, it allows bloggers and customers alike to make impulsive reactions.

Impulsive reactions are exactly what you seek if you are a marketing manager that wants to generate sales! Why? If you can attract someone onto your website because they saw a pop-up advertisement or opened an email campaign, one can only hope the prospective customer impulsively clicks the product link and arrives on your site so you can open them with live chat. Once the person is engaged in live chat, your chatbot or live support staff can open the prospect with “Hi, my name is Jeff, are there any thoughts I may answer about our product?”

According to some latest 2022 statistics on live chat, “live chat boosts conversions by 20%” because “38% of customers actually end up making a purchase because of a live chat encounter.” Not only that but, live chat also increases the amount the customer is expected to spend! So, live chat improves sales both in quantity and amount.

To us at Convosio, Reddit’s move to incorporate live chat seems like a late maneuver, but better late than never! Of the approximate 66% of businesses that use live chat, 67% of them use it for support, and 78% of them use it for sales. Reddit is obviously incorporating live chat for increased engagement because they know it works quite well. Individuals favor live chat over all other methods of communication because of a multitude of reasons. Live chat removes the chance of interruption, it allows someone time to think and articulate a sentence for optimal communication, it allows for both parties to re-read information they would have forgotten during a live verbal conversation.

From a retail business perspective, all the factors above are just as relevant. No walk-in prospective customer wants to be physically followed, interrupted, or felt like the sales associate doesn’t listen to them. With online or mobile webchat, customers feel at ease. Individuals can multitask, and even cook in the kitchen while they chat and discuss products or services with a web representative. If you’re a business operating without live chat, you’re behind the curve! Over 90% of millennials and beyond demand live chat as their preferred method of communication, stop wasting money on a phone service team. Get everyone on live chat, if circumstances demand a live conversation, know that most live chat platforms offer both web calls or video chat.

The savings from using live chat will vastly outweigh the cost of continuing to operate a phone staff. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or an aging company looking for new growth, get with the times and give the customer what they want, for better results start using live chat!


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