Increase Sales With Live Chat


One of the many great applications offered on is Convosio. Convosio is a live chat system that you cannot afford to miss. Live chat is growing in popularity and is offered by default on many retail websites. So, if you’re currently operating an online business, or thinking of building a new website on to sell your products globally, having Convosio live chat connected is very important.

Why is live chat important?

Both customers and potential customers want a convenient way to instantly communicate with your business at their fingertips.  Live chat has the 2nd highest customer satisfaction rating, slightly behind phone support by just 6%.  Soon live chat is going to overtake the phone method because millennials prefer it. The live chat industry is growing, it’s expected to reach a billion dollars by 2023. It’s just a matter of time, due to millennials' preferences that live chat is needed by every company just to compete.


When it comes to sales, live chat doesn’t compete with any other method of communication, it’s simply the best. Live chat is necessary to engage with your customers from other states and around the world. Not only do the chances of a sale increase by at least 20% when live chat is involved, but also the amount someone is willing to spend! To make live chat even more compelling, customers are at least 3x more likely to respond to chat prompts vs opening a chat box themselves. So, whenever you engage with a potential customer via a live chat prompt, the likelihood of response, sale, and quantity sold all go up! Play the odds! Using Convosio is a win-win for customers and businesses. So, whether you’re already operating a website or building one on we strongly recommend adding Convosio as an additional feature. Think about it, before you book an Airbnb or pay for a service, don’t you have questions? Until those questions or thoughts are answered, don’t you feel hesitant to make a purchase? The same standard applies to your business. No one wants to write an email and wait hours for a reply or make a phone call and wait on hold if the convenience of instant live chat is at their fingertips. Don’t be cheap, add Convosio to your site.


The Convosio chatbot is a powerful added feature. Fully customizable you can have the chatbot open potential customers with “Hello, my name is Sarah, are there any thoughts I may address?.”  Just that friendly opening statement increases the odds of engagement by at least 3x and a sale by 20%, why say no to that? In a global marketplace of 20 million vendor websites, any advantage sets you apart from competitors, you need a live chat.



With over 80% of active eCommerce sites adding live chat to their websites in 2022 and the majority of millennials loving it, live chat is a must. Convosio is free to use with its basic service plan, so you’re just missing out on more customers and sales by not using it. If a free live chat box is not on your website, then you’re just being lazy and needlessly saying no to more success.


Join Convosio now and create better experiences for your customers!

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