Endless Statistics Why Your Business Should Use Live Chat

As millennials and gen X come enter adulthood becoming primary retail consumers, it’s time for businesses to seriously factor in how both generations prefer to communicate, which is live chat. Long gone are the days when companies can profitably operate with landline phone center that delivers satisfactory customer service. Now it’s imperative both for profitability and customer satisfaction that a minimal amount of support staff manage multiple client conversations.  If you’re an aging company that still does things the old way (telephone/email) or perhaps aren’t convinced yet that live chat is essential, here’s some stats to think otherwise:

Most Prefer Live Chat

Approximately 69% of Shoppers in the USA demand live chat and 73% of 18–49-year-olds find it as their preferred communication method.

Live Chat Is Growing Fast

By 2023, the live chat market is expected to reach a size of $1 billion. Everyone’s on their smartphones these days, so it’s no wonder that it has been found that 74% of live chat users were doing so from their phones, thus it’s important to have a mobile friendly website and  live chat system, like Convosio.

Live Chat Fosters More Sales

When a prospective customer uses live chat, they are 3.84% more likely to make a purchase. This is because support staff can track the visitors’ movements and answer any thoughts the customer might be having that’s hindering their purchase. Another benefit is that prospects are likely to spend 60% more than if chat engagement is involved. With 86% of customers expecting a swift response, the speed at which support responds matters big time. Live chat systems enable support staff to respond quickly and eliminate the need to transfer customers between departments, 68% of customers hate this. Instead of transferring a call, greatly irritating a customer by forcing them to explain their situation/question again to someone else, a superior can simply enter the chat, read the question or issue, and resolve it quickly.

Live Chat Racks Up Savings

By using a live chat system, businesses can save 15%-33% of their customer team expenditures. This is due to the ability of one person managing multiple customer conversations vs one at a time via email or on telephone.  Live chat can also eliminate the need for human hires altogether if chatbots are involved.  Only 44% of customers say that the ability to speak with a real person is important during their purchasing process. While 44% is significant, it’s still under 50% which means it’s no longer necessary to have a human involved.


As a business it’s important to maintain market share which usually requires a minimum grow rate of 5% a year. Then there’s inflation which always places pressure on management to find new ways to increase sales and cut costs, especially these days, even worse for highly competitive industries with low margins... Live chat is the answer to both cost savings and increasing sales, especially since it’s the trend and will only grow into what is probably the sole communication feature of the future. How many businesses do you know already that it’s impossible to get a representative on the phone, let along find the compony phone number?  Get on the trend and start using a live chat system today.


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