Do Not Omit Live Chat

Businesses, especially online, continue to operate without a live chat feature, undermining their success story. Live chat systems like Convosio are turning online businesses hoping to make sales into conversion machines. Customers want to engage with websites about their products using live chat, and if their questions or thoughts aren’t addressed, the prospect will most likely move onto a similar product site.

Seize the moment and capture the engagement with customers right when they are interested in buying your product, using live chat! Customers often spend even more money than anticipated simply because someone from the store engaged with them, either in person, in live chat, or on the phone. The world is becoming more digitized, so meeting people in person or picking up a phone is less convenient than simply engaging via laptop or smartphone with live chat. So, understandably, the vast majority of millennials prefer live chat over any other forms of communication thanks to being pre-conditioned on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. For millennials buying a product online is just another form of clicking and chatting with a message feed. So, if your online business is to thrive and cater to the up-and-coming generation of consumers, then a live chat system must be integrated onto your website.

While live chat has the 2nd highest customer satisfaction rating of 85% (slightly less than phone support), more than half of customers prefer it as their preferred method of contact. That’s more than half if we include all generations, if we isolate millennials, it’s approximately 90%. So why does the phone still have a slight edge over live chat in customer satisfaction? Customers prefer first contact using live chat, if the representative cannot respond satisfactorily, then the individual also wants the ability to call in and speak to a live person. These days some live chat platforms offer both voice and video live chat integration, as well as file and photo upload, so the use of a phone is still not necessary. This way customers can fully express themselves in whichever way they choose. What is so powerful about live chat systems today is trackability so you can know when someone is present on your website, empowering sales staff to engage with the customer upon first interest and build a memorable brand experience. With customization tools, Convosio also enables users to pre-program chatbots to answer customer FAQs or screen them before being transferred to a real person. The expansion of customer service is truly felt online only with a live chat system…otherwise it can only revert to phone or email which none of the younger generations wants.  For a stronger online sales experience, do not omit using a live chat system, customer satisfaction will improve, and thus sales will too. 


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