Just Offer The Customer Live Chat

Customers want a live chat, they have questions and thoughts about your product or service and they demand answers. If your business does not provide the satisfactory support that customers yearn for, they will simply take their hard-earned money elsewhere.

Customers may not be inclined or have the desire to click the "contact us" or "FAQ" page. A live chat prompt immediately engages you with the customer giving an instant gratification level of service. As potential customers browse your site, it's important to fuel a positive vibe with the mindset to close a deal. Live chat increases the odds of a sale by at least 20%, and it also increases the amount the potential customer is likely to spend. A simple live chat prompt like "Hello, my name is Dana, I see that you're checking out our products, are there any thoughts I may address?"  We live in a short attention span society, customers do not want to have to pick up a phone and call you, or write up an email and wait for a reply. Rather, they will be pleasantly surprised if you take the initiative and send a live chat notification.

Live chat also gives customers the space to formulate a well-articulated sentence about their issue, questions, or thoughts. Live chat is so convenient, customers can just load up your mobile website on their smartphones and start chatting with support directly, no waiting on hold. In addition, if the customer is chatting while ordering coffee or taking care of family/business matters, they can take their time replying to support, and they really enjoy that leeway. Support, on the other hand, is at work most of the day, and it can take its time to follow up with more difficult questions to answer by promising a specific time and date (after consoling with superiors), something customers love to see, a company making due on its promise, which adds credibility and trust in your brand. So, a live chat experience offers the highest quality line of communication vs phone call which adds anxiety to keep a conversation going, otherwise, silence creeps which give customers neutral to negative vibes. So, for the sake of highly articulated sentences and positive peace and quiet vibes, live chat is the desired method for both support and customers.

The only time live chat can't be the primary/default communication channel between business and customer is if the support rep cannot resolve an issue within the feed. In such cases, a phone call or video screen sharing can be superior. Start using a live chat box like Convosio today. Then there’s the added benefit of using chatbots, these pre-programmed bots can screen customer questions via your FAQ page before transferring communication to a live representative, if necessary. A fully pre-programmed chatbot can answer the vast majority of individual questions. Think about the labor savings that a chat can provide. Your organization may be able to downsize to just one person answering the phone, the person that understands the product or service best, the owner. In these inflationary times, companies are running on lean budgets to sustain profit margins. Convosio is going to both add to customer satisfaction/sales and lower support operating costs. Try using a live chat system today.


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